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Montessori child at work with syringe

Montessori Practical Works for Toddlers

This is a sequel to my previous post on montessori for toddlers. Some friends requested to see how our shelves with the materials looked like. We were able to cater one room for teaching purpose and this is also my helper’s bedroom with her foldable mattress kept aside in the day.

We have 2 BESTA shelves from Ikea. One for practical works and one for math works.

Montessori practical work shelf

Shelf with practical work materials

Montessori Shelf with limited spaceShelves for math and practical work materials


Last month, we replaced some works with the following materials…

Montessori practical works keys and locks

Unlock to collect the rings

Threading the beads

Threading the beads

Montessori practical work Wooden puzzle and using a draw string bag

Wooden puzzle and using a draw string bag

Montessori practical work Pouring dried corn kernels

Pouring dried corn kernels

Sweeping rice within tray

Sweeping rice within tray


We have 2 sets of 3 containers filled with beans, rice and buttons. These materials can be played as a game of sound matching. Keep one set of 3 containers with you and the child, while you leave the other set of containers in another room. Shake one container and let the child go to the other room to find the matching container and bring it back to you.

Montessori sound matching

Sound Matching

Montessori sound matching

Shake and match the 2 containers that sound the same


The orange colored water is simply water mixed with a bit of food coloring.

Montessori practical work water transfer with a syringe

Water transfer using a syringe

Kids at work together
Kids at work… One of the good times doing lesson together…
Montessori child at work with syringe
Working with a syringe




Montessori work on color matching for toddlers

Montessori for Toddlers

Last month, we started a new term of homeschool. In an attempt to keep Jeanne occupied with meaningful things to do while I am teaching Julian, we set up a shelf of Montessori practical works for her. That’s a corner she can call her own. At 26 months old now, her inner need for independence is growing. We frequently hear this little girl says “Jeanne do! Own!”

Before introducing the individual works to her, I showed her how to choose a work, hold the tray with 2 hands, walk slowly to the table and leave the tray on the table, gently pull out the chair and sit on the floor to start working. Thereafter finish the work, keep the materials back into the tray, bring the tray back to shelf and tuck in the chair at the table. This is the process she will go through when she chooses to do a work from the shelf.

Here are the works that we prepared for Jeanne on the shelf.

Montessori work on color matching for toddlers

Color Matching with Buttons

Montessori cutting work

Cutting Paper Strips

Montessori Matching Game

Matching Game

At a Van Gogh Exhibition few months ago, I bought 2 sets of Van Gogh paintings stickers and laminated them. This set of laminated stickers has created variety of fun time for us all. We played SNAP, memory game and matching game with them, at the same time introducing the name of the paintings to them.

Montessori work for toddler screwing nuts and bolts

Nuts and Bolts

Montessori works for toddlers opening and closing containers

Finding Treasures from Opening and Closing Containers

Montessori work for toddler treasures in containers

Treasures Within

Montessori work playdoh sculpting setup

Playdoh Sculpting

Montessori pouring seashell work for toddler

Pouring Seashells

These seashells were given by my cousin who picked them from the beach while at work… How blessed we are!

Montessori scooping work for toddler

Scooping Corn

Montessori sweeping work for toddlers

Sweeping Paper Scraps

Montessori threading work for toddlers

Threading with Needle and Wooden Spools

You may be wondering is that a real needle in the photo… Yes it is. On presenting this work to Jeanne, I specifically showed her that it is a sharp needle and it hurts when I gently touch the tip of the needle. This is the work she choses to do most of the time. From threading the wooden spools and removing the spools from the needle, she has never poked herself with the needle.

Montessori transferring work for toddler

Transferring Pom Poms with Forcep

Montessori work for toddlers to train fine motor skills

Inserting Toothpicks into Shaker