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That's Our Family!

Why We Got Ourselves A New Blog

That's Our Family!

That's Us!

We are incredibly excited about this blog! It feels like we’ve just moved into a new home with a fresh look and feel.

Especially since we started planning for this move back in 2009!

So why did we get ourselves a new blog?

Well, we’ve been blogging in our own blogs (@ Potty Hubby and Petite Home) since 2008. We started them as our online diaries to record our family activities, happenings, experiences, observations and thoughts from our own perspectives. But at times, we would discuss who’s going to blog about particular family activities and friends would ask us whose blog they should visit to read about these activities. That made us realize that it was kind of funny for us to be writing in different blogs when we were doing everything in the family together.

So we embarked on a project.

After more than a year and many unpublished blog posts, we finally started our brand new blog! It’s here where we’ll share our thoughts, experiences and challenges as we explore homeschooling, indoor activities, outdoor trips and family life in the city.

We hope to create a community of positive like-minded parents that will encourage and inspire everyone here. So let’s get connected and journey together!

Where To Find Sewing Supplies In Singapore?

A few days back, I went restocking for materials to make more bags! I thought it would be interesting for me to feature some places around Singapore where I source for sewing and craft materials. This post will be the first of many more to come!

The photos you will see are not in the best quality. I only had my iPhone with me when I was there.

Textile Centre 10

Textile Centre

This building in the photo certainly does not look very appealing to me to go in for a shopping spree… but wait! This is a place where I can stay for hours. This is Textile Centre located at Jalan Sultan. Click on the link if you are interested to find out how to get there.

Textile Centre 8

Textile Centre

Textile Centre can be a one stop shop for you to purchase all the sewing gadgets you need to get started (Except sewing machine). As for fabrics, there are a few shops in the building that have them, but a better place to shop for fabrics is Arab Street. It is about 5mins walk from Textile Centre. I would usually take a train to Bugis Station, head down to Arab Street before my way to Textile Centre. I will be blogging more about Arab Street in future.

Back to Textile Centre, the shops selling sewing accessories and tools are on Level 1. Not many shops though, but enough for you to get what you need. They have a wide range of beads, crystals, rhinestones, ribbons, trimmings, sewing tools, bag making tools, buttons, peacock feathers, hairclips…. Oh! so many little things that I cannot finish listing!

Snapshots of the shops to share with you…

Textile Centre 2

Buttons at Textile Centre

Colourful buttons.. Metal buttons.. Mini buttons.. Wooden buttons.. and much more!

Textile Centre 3

Cords at Textile Centre

Variety of cords!

Textile Centre 5

Ribbons & Trimmings at Textile Centre

Ribbons and trimmings!

Textile Centre 6

More Ribbons & Trimmings at Textile Centre

Whatever colours you would like to have. Choose yourself!

Textile Centre 7

Sewing Gadgets & Accessories at Textile Centre

Sewing gadgets and accessories you need to start off your sewing hobby!

Textile Centre 9

Beads & Crystals at Textile Centre

Beads and crystals!

Textile Centre 1

More Ribbons & Trimmings at Textile Centre

More ribbons and trimmings!