Perth Trip – Day 2

Day 2… All in the farm…

This is where we had our farm stay experience… Settlers Rest Farm Stay.

We stayed here for 4 nights and used it as a base to travel around the Swan Valley region.

When we were searching for a farm stay accommodation, we chose a private farm stay with no other visitors and no planned activities.

Just wanted to experience life on a farm the way it is.
Settlers Rest Farmstay

Settlers Rest Farmstay

Path to settlers rest farm stay

Pathway to the cottage...

Cottage at Settlers Rest Farm stay

The Cottage...

Settlers rest farm stay

Surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere...

Just love these

Corridor of settlers rest farm stay


Settlers Rest Farm stay

The name says it all...


View of the living room with the TV set and DVD player hidden from view. There were some movies and cartoons DVDs provided. There were also some toys and games for the little kids to help themselves to.

Living room at settlers rest

Living Room

Cozy corner...

Master Bedroom in Settlers Rest

Master Bedroom

Bedroom with a Queen sized bed and a Single bed at Settlers Rest

Bedroom with a Queen sized bed and a Single bed

Settlers rest farm stay bedroom

Bedroom with 2 single beds

Kitchen in Settlers rest farm stay

Vintage Cooking Area


This cottage is fully equipped with cooking facilities… oven, cooker, fridge, microwave, toaster, sandwich maker, pots and pans, tea set, wine glasses, porcelain and melamine dinnerware, knife, can opener etc… Everything that you need for cooking! The only thing we brought was a new sponge for washing dishes and food supplies that we need.

Kitchen in Settlers Rest
Dining Area in Settlers Rest

Dining Area... Filled with our snacks!


The cottage has a washing machine and a dryer… and even a fishing rod if you want to try fishing at Swan River which is situated at the end of the farm.

Laundry area at Settlers Rest

Laundry area

Doorway to Backyard at settlers rest

Doorway to Backyard


This is the first time we use a hammock and we all loved it! The kids would come here first every morning the moment they step outdoors. Wish I could have a longer time on it so that I could laze and read a book.

Hammock for kids
The spot in the farm which the kids miss most…

Enjoying the sunlight... the cool air... the sounds of the animals...


It’s so comfy to sit out there in the natural air con, on the grass, with some popcorn… and enjoy the view of God’s creations…

Enjoying the farmstay
Popcorn with the scenery… Perfectlicious!
Settlers Rest Farm stay
Nature is wonderful!
Settlers Rest Farm stay

Nature Study

The Farm on Settlers Rest farmstay

Good to be away from the city...


We are free to feed the animals anytime of the day as we are the only guests on the farm. Instructions on how and what to feed the animals with are provided in the cottage. So we prepared the food accordingly to what is indicated. The owners feed the animals at 5pm daily and would invite us to join them when we are around.

Feeding the sheeps


Farmer at work

Grape vine at settlers rest
Finding treasures among the grape vines


Jeanne fell in love with horses during this trip. She is afraid to go near all the animals except the horses.

Horse Equestrian Training

Watching the horse...


The owners’ daughters are into horse equestrian and would bring the horses around for competitions. They diligently care for the horses and we admire the parents’ spirit in supporting what the kids love since young.

Equestrian Training
Equestrian Training


When everyone comes together to help in food preparation, the meal will be extra tasty…

Kids helping out during lunch preparation

Lunch Preparation...

Homecooked lunch at Settlers rest



Julian spotted this whimsical, old fashioned weather vane on the rooftop of the stable… North, South, East, West… Where is the wind blowing today?

Where's the wind blowing today?

Horse Stable at settler rest farmstay

Horse Stable


The area of the farm is about 13 acres! So big that they need to use a tractor to send food to the horses in the farm! If you are wondering how big is 1 acre, it’s about 4047sqm. That’s about 37 HDB 5-room flats in Singapore! With 13 acres, that’s about 480 5-room flats!

Tractor on the farm

Tractor on the farm

Goats in the pen

Goats in the pen...

Goat at settlers rest farmstay

With the goats...

A walk through settler rest farm

A walk through the farm...

Cow on the farm

Xena the working cow...


This cute looking animal standing behind Julian is an alpaca. The owner shared with us that alpacas are there to guard the animals from foxes and wild dogs. They are very protective over the other animals like sheep, goats and chickens. So during the night while the other animals are locked up, the alpacas are left roaming around to protect them.

We are standing outside the chicken coop waiting for daddy to open the gate for us to go in and collect fresh eggs! Looks like the animals are as eager as us… There is a tub of food in the chicken coop and the animals are eyeing on it!

Any eggs for Julian today?


There was a chicken standing right in front of Julian watching him, clucking non stop as if telling him.. Are you going to take my eggs???

Looking out for the chicken...


Coast clear! Feel like we are stealing eggs from the chicken! Hahaha…

Collecting chicken eggs

Collecting eggs before the chicken comes again!

Collecting chicken eggs

Yeah! I did it!


Walking through the farm to the end where Swan River is… it was a long stroll… but a good family walk in the nature, collecting treasures as we go… Simply love it…

Walking to Swan River

Walking through the farm to Swan River

path to swan river

Nature Walk

Nature walk...

Collecting rocks...


Look at the rocks the 2 kids had collected… Julian got the bigger ones and Jeanne found the smaller ones…

Rocks collected by Ju and Jeanne...


The owner shared with us that these are competition show horses, so they cover them with 3 layers of cloths of different materials to keep them warm. This will ensure that their hair will remain short and beautiful instead of growing too much.

Horses on the farm

Horses on the farm


Every different kind of birds that flew by amazed us. We rarely see this kind of creatures other than in the zoo or Bird Park. Beautiful!

Galah Cockatoo on the Farm

Wildlife on the farm

Galah CockatooGalah Cockatoo
Australian Shelducks

Australian Shelducks

Australian White Ibis

Australian White Ibis


After about 20mins walk, we finally reached the river. Stayed there only a short while as the sun was setting soon and we went back for the 5pm animal feeding time.

Swan River

A Panoramic VIew of Swan River

Swan River

How deep is this river... Are there alligators...


Feeding time is what Julian was looking forward to!

This lady in the picture is Corinne, the owner and host at Settlers Rest Farmstay… Can see how friendly she is?

Feeding time on the farm...

Feeding time with Corrine...


Ju's favourite animal on the farm... the Alpacas

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