Perth Trip – Day 1

Yes our photos taken during our Perth trip are finally sorted!

Day 1… Here we go!

Setting off to airport

Setting off!


Squeezed all we can into one luggage for the whole family for this 11-day trip.

weight of luggage

One luggage for a family of 4!


This is the first time Jeanne is taking a night flight. It’s 1 am and she is not showing any signs of tiredness… Totally excited!

Toddler on the plane
We are in an airplane?


Yep! Finally knocked out! The beauty of taking night flight with kids ๐Ÿ™‚

Toddler on night flight



We are reaching Perth very soon!

View of Perth from Plane
Touching down at Perth


We are in Perth!

Perth International Airport
Perth International Airport


This is an area on level 2 with a few shops and cafes. We visited one of the shops called Newslink to purchase a prepaid SIM card. We got a Telstra $30 starter kit as we heard Telstra has a better coverage than Optus and Vodafone if you plan to travel out of the city. It comes in 2 sizes: Micro-SIM (e.g. iPhones) or SIM. All you have to do after that is to put the SIM card into the phone and call the number in the instruction manual to activate it. An operator on the line will get some details from you and ask you what plan you would like to be on. We chose the Cap Encore plan that allows calls, SMS and surfing. Once activated, you can use your phone till you run out of credit. If you wish to top up your credit, you can just buy it from the cashier counter at Coles Supermarket and the instructions to top up are all printed on the receipt. ๐Ÿ™‚

Shopping Area at Perth International Airport
Shopping Area at Perth International Airport


Julian was so happy when he got out of the building and the air was cool!

We took a cab from the airport to collect our rented car from Baywater atย Guildford Road, Bayswater. John’s friend recommended us to rent our car from Bayswater Car Rental. He did a research on the rental price and found that it was about AUD$500 less for the period of our stay as compared to renting a car from those at the airport. A taxi ride to Bayswater Car Rental costs AUD$30.

Taking a cab from Perth International Airport

Taking a cab from Perth International Airport


We do not own a car in Singapore. So this part of the trip where daddy is going to drive us around throughout is something which we really looked forward to!

Collecting car at Bayswater car rental

Waiting for daddy to collect the car key


Here is the car which we are going to own for 11 days!

Bayswater Car Rental @ Guildford Road, Bayswater

Bayswater Car Rental @ Guildford Road, Bayswater


This is the web address of Bayswater Car Rental. Why no birds??? Click on the link and check out ๐Ÿ™‚


It was a beautiful cool day…

Bright cloudy day
Bright cloudy day…


and 5 mins through the drive, it rained for only a short period of time and the weather was good again.

Rainy day in Perth
Shower of blessing as we head to our first destination


Our first destination… Lunch and shopping for groceries at The Shops at Ellenbrook. This place is only about 15minutes drive to our farmstay. There were 2 huge supermarkets in this building and we did our shopping at Coles Supermarket.

Woolworths at Ellenbrook

Woolworths at Ellenbrook


We signed out a miniature trolley for Jeanne, so she was happily shopping for snacks!

Miniature Trolley for kids in Coles Supermarket
Miniature Trolley for kids in Coles Supermarket


Julian was tired from the night flight, now sleeping in the trolley while we did our shopping. He was kept awake by SQ’s in-flight entertainment and hardly caught any sleep.

Shopping in Coles Supermarket
Shopping in Coles Supermarket


On our way to our farm stay, we saw some vines along the road and stopped to explore. Bunches of raisins hanging on the vines! Looking through, we found lots of watermelons! Corinne from our farmstay told us later that when they can’t sell their grapes, they will just leave them out there to dry.

Watermelon Farm
Watermelon Farm


Julian plucked one and wondered whether he should eat it…

Dried Bunches of Grapes
Dried Bunch of Grapes


Settlers Rest Farmstay

More photos will be posted on Day 2

Settlers Rest Farmstay
Settlers Rest Farmstay


We drove out again after checking in at the farmstay. This time, we went to Midland to shop for additional groceries that we missed out and we ended our day with my favorite for dinner ๐Ÿ™‚

KFC at Swan ValleyKFC at Swan Valley

2 thoughts on “Perth Trip – Day 1

  1. Ferlis

    Hi I happen to read your blog and I will be travelling to Perth this Thursday! I am also renting a car from baywater and planning to buy a prepaid card for gps. However, not sure if there is a car mount to place the phone ? Thanks!!!

  2. Irene

    Hi Joan,

    Thanks for sharing with us your holiday trip at Perth.

    I plan to bring my kids to Perth in Nov. However, i don’t have a good ideal where shall we visit. Would much appreciate that you could share with me more on the interested place, accommodation and your itinerary from day 3 to day 11.

    Btw, in your opinion, do you think 7 days is good enough to spend in Perth?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks & regards


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